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In the picture:

Castle's Queen Donna Karan (sable white female)

Breeder: Szabina Miklós, owner: Balázs Laczkó

The most frequently asked questions about Scottish Sheepdogs are a

F.A.Qi.e. theFrequently Asked Questions

can be found in the menu item. Among these, the most important question to be clarified is:

What is the difference between a collie and a collie?

Nothing. The official English name of the breed is rough collie, and its Hungarian equivalent is long-haired collie. The name of the breed, e.g. it is also listed as such in the exhibition catalogs. Scottish Sheepdog is a common name. Hereafter referred to as collie.


In the picture:

Nolynna Lux Black Charisma (tricolor bitch)

Breeder and owner: Márta Barbara Farkas


In the picture:

Agent Provocateur Belville Blues (blue merle male) 

Breeder Adrienn Zöldhelyi, owner: Brigitta Seres

"I just need a family dog..."

When it comes to the price of puppies, or the breeders vs. breeders debate, the above sentence is said quite often. Most of those who want a family favorite are frightened by the list of numerous winning titles (or other results). Many people think that if a puppy comes from winning parents, from a quality breeder, it will surely cost a fortune, and they will only give the puppy to those who will go to exhibitions with it, or perhaps intend to breed it. However, the show titles of the parents only influence the price of the dog in the rarest of cases. Only very rare, high-value show results can increase the price of a dog's puppies (but not even that in all cases). The show results of the parents therefore generally do not affect the price of the puppies. Just because we don't want an exhibition dog, but a family pet,


All breeders sell puppies for hobby purposes (that is, as family pets). In this case, there is no other expectation from the owner than to keep the dog as best as possible. To properly feed, love and care for it. Don't be afraid to visit a breeder because you are scared by exhibition titles or other foreign terms. Let's be honest that we want a family dog. If the housing conditions are suitable, we will definitely get a puppy.

More on the differences between breeders and propagators:

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Video:  Tibold Brigitta / Red Caroline kennel

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